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Text-Only Mode Of The Email Is there anything lovelier ❤️ than a bit of self care

We've got a special offer 🎁 for you this Valentine's Day and you're invited to...


Hi Christina, what do you think of when you hear the word self care?

I feel a little silly saying this but when I hear "self care" my mind drifts to "activities" that involve lying down or even just being still. Activities that pop into my head are




summer snoozes, soothing


baths and


watching movies.

Self care and long term love


of YOU involves "activities"


that are... well... ACTIVE!

Reserve Your ❤️ Sweet Spot!

If you feel up to treating yourself in an active way this Valentine's Day, we're gifting you


14 free days of virtual exercise classes


that can help you

move in a safe and supervised way

See you on the screen?



P.S. We can only take so many for the full 14 days so

please understand it is LIMITED to the first of you to go here and claim it!

BJC Health, Level 1/17-21 Hunter St, Parramatta, NSW 2150, Australia

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