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How the art of living well offers a counterpoint to an increasingly virtual world. Plus, our latest range of ceramic taper holders are functional & decorative, locally made on the Northern Beaches.

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Candle Kiosk

The art of living well.

Sustainable living by MCA

Keeping it real.

One of the main trends we are seeing, as physical objects increasingly provide a counterpoint to a world turning virtual, is a renewed focus on the art of living well.

We might be buying less as we recognise the impact of our consumerism, but we are willing to spend more on items that co-exist with our new ideals; sustainable, lasting objects that provide a rich sensory experience, tactile or otherwise.

Above is a 3D printed construction by Mario Cucinella Architects (MCA) and WASP, using an all-natural, recyclable, carbon-neutral material: raw earth. Below are our cold-poured mineral wax candles, utilising the material to form the texture.

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, inspired by our recent visit to Paris.

Large textured pillar candles

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Home is where the art is.

Ceramic taper candle holders

Handmade ceramic taper holders.

Our latest collection of ceramics is handmade right here on the Northern Beaches. Timeless items that are both functional and decorative, these taper candle holders fit most taper and dinner candles, including our Spiral tapers.

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Wedding candles styled by Poni Studio

For the little moments

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