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If you’ve been watching the HBO series ‘The Last of Us’ you would have noticed Cordyceps being responsible for starting an apocalypse after infecting humans and turning them into zombie-like creatures. Spoiler alert – it’s a work of pure fiction. Phew!

In our latest Journal entry, we dive into how Cordyceps behaves in the wild and why this fantastic fungi is a hero, not a villain.

The Truth About Cordyceps

Cordy is a deep energy awakener used by athletes to support physical performance, those recovering from illness or experiencing stress, as well as anyone looking to boost their day-to-day energy reserves.

Cordyceps is the ultimate shroom to get the inner fire burning used to enhance libido, support sexual health, and promote fertility.

A prime medicinal mushie to work with to regulate and balance immunity, keeping colds and flu at bay.

Nourishing overall body vitality Cordyceps has been shown to help support the replacement of old cells with new ones with the capacity to combat free radicals and inflammation.

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