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Lion’s Mane and a new Australian study


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Lion’s Mane has always been famous in our eyes but this month it’s made headlines after a new study by the University of Queensland confirmed it could improve memory and boost nerve growth in the brain.

It's incredibly exciting to see scientific studies continue to validate the path laid by traditional wisdom and we couldn’t wait to dive into the details.

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Lion's Mane extracts have a mild, delicious umami-like flavour and can easily be added to tea, coffee, smoothies, breakfast bowls and a variety of meals.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate Lion’s Mane into your routine is to reach for a

Day Blend which has a combo of Lion’s Mane and Tremella

or add a ¼ tsp of Lion’s Mane extract to coffee.

We’re a

couple of coffees a week kind of crew

. Sometimes we like to make a Bulletproof recipe with a bit of MCT oil and ghee for an extra brain boost and to slow the release of the caffeine.




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