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Understanding treatment planning.

Treatment planning with your dermal clinician is a very important step in ensuring that you achieve not only the best result, but also one that aligns with your expectations.  Below we answer some common questions our team get asked about treatment planning.

Q. Why is there multiple treatments on my plan?

A.  The reality is, that most treatment modalities require more than one treatment to achieve the best result. It might be a subtle tweak a few weeks after an injectable treatment, a couple of laser sessions to ensure that all your sunspots have faded evenly, or multiple needling sessions to ensure that enough collagen building has been stimulated to give you the glow that you are looking for.

Q. Why is more than one treatment modality being discussed?

A. Often there is more than one way to achieve a result. By listening to what you are telling them our team can help you to decide which way, is the best way, for you. For example, some clients have a lower pain threshold and might decide that a series of less intense treatments would be more comfortable for them. Others, might prefer to come back less often and experience a more intense treatment, achieving a quicker result. It's all about what will work for you and your skin.

Q. How many consultations can I have?

A. As many as you need, there's no limit. Our consultations are complimentary and no obligation, always. We want you to ask any and every question so that you feel confident and prepared before going ahead with a treatment, and if you decide not to, that's completely fine as well.

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1,2, Free promotion ends in 1 week.

Our current 1,2, Free treatment promotion has just one week left and is perfect for those wanting to carry out a treatment plan. Book your consultation below. Scroll down for T&Cs.


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Terms and conditions: Pay for any two skin treatments during the month of February 2023 and receive a credit note for a free skin treatment. Credit note will be the same value as the lowest priced treatment purchased. All 3 treatments including the free treatment credit note must be used before the 30


of June 2023. Offer cannot be applied to treatments booked and paid for retrospectively or be extended. Two treatments must be purchased and used by a single individual and cannot be combined. The treatment credit cannot be transferred. If one of the pre-paid treatments is refunded for any reason the free treatment credit note will be void and removed from our system. The treatment credit note cannot be exchanged for any other product, service, gift card or money. Offer is for skin treatments only and doesn’t include injectable treatments. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other treatment offer or discount including staff, friends, or family discounts. Your free treatment can be undertaken at any Script Skincare location that offers treatments. The offer can be ceased without notice by Script Skincare.

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