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Text-Only Mode Of The Email A hybrid working framework for you and your leaders (Step Two newsletter for March 2013)

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Hi Lord,

It's been some time since the worst of Covid subsided, yet

clarity around hybrid working practices continue to elude most organisations

. What should leaders be doing? Is there sufficient maturity around the use of digital tools? This month we'll explore these and other questions, to help both you and your leaders chart a course over the coming months.

From the Step Two Academy

A hybrid workplace framework for the senior leadership team

Use this strategic framework to help senior leadership teams put the pieces in place for a successful shift to this new paradigm.

Who is responsible for the hybrid workplace?

With a framework in place, the challenge becomes to engage key parties, and agree on a way forward.

Establish a digital leadership academy to support the successful shift to a hybrid workplace

Managing teams is harder in the hybrid workplace, even as new working practices deliver business benefits

Are you coming into the office for the right reasons?

Leaders see the office as a place to be productive, while employees saw benefits around making connections and collaborating with others.

Updates from the Step Two Forum

It’s been a massive month for the

Step Two Forum

with three online and an in-person event in Sydney.  Highlights included: tour of

Department of Health and Aged Care’s intranet

and their shift to a centralised content model, exploring the

intranet and digital workplace skills matrix

BCD Travel’s intranet

and approach to well-governed social content, and a live tour of

AFCA’s new intranet and KM model

Coming up:

16 March:

Brisbane in-person event

with an industry showcase and interactive session on

up-skilling your authoring community

22 March:

Melbourne in-person event

with a demonstration of

SEEK’s new intranet

and their approach to collaboration and interactive session on practical techniques to

reduce unnecessary meetings

Last month we had six membership renewals from Australia and overseas in government and the private sector. It isn’t too late to join our exclusive community of practice for in person and online events, get in touch with

Rebecca Rodgers

our Community Manager for the

Step Two Forum

to find out more or request a guest pass.

What we've been up to

Brisbane //

Designing a new intranet homepage for a

superannuation firm

, conducting a

regular intranet review

for an educational organisation, providing

knowledge management advice

to a financial services firm and shaping

digital workplace strategy

at technology firm.

Melbourne //

Kicking an engagement to create an intranet business case at a

global wine producer

and delivering SPO site architecture to a

local council

Sydney //


knowledge management advice

to a NSW government agency,

providing post-launch support

to a non-profit and providing intranet mentoring to a

private health business

Global //

Establishing governance

for a brand-new global intranet, delivering the results of

global intranet research

to a pharmaceutical business and providing ongoing mentoring to a

law firm







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At Step Two, we help organisations establish and sustain modern digital workplaces. We have deep-dive expertise in intranets, digital workplaces and digital employee experience.


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