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Hi Lord,

Constant change has roiled through organisations long before Covid reached our shores, and throughout that time there's been a focus on

employee engagement and culture

. Yet many of our intranets are bland, sterile places; and too often collaboration tools are seen merely as functional, utilitarian capabilities.

So this month we're going to

put the heart back into the digital workplace

, addressing not only a business opportunity but a basic human need.

From the Step Two Academy

The softer side of intranets

Intranets can present a human face to employees, beyond just being useful.

Bring passion to your intranet!

Organisations are interesting places, in the way they work, the services they deliver, and the nature of customers.

How the digital workplace reinforces values and purpose

The digital workplace can help reinforce values by making them real and actionable.

The CHRO as digital employee experience leader

CHROs commonly target three aspects of DEX: onboarding, HR services, and employee engagement.

Updates from the Step Two Forum

We are kicking off our online and in person

Step Two Forum

events with something for everyone in February after ending the year with a great

online session


Supercharging Yammer adoption and engagement at Comcast

Coming up:

Feb 7

online: Intranet and digital workplace skills matrix - supporting your professional development

Feb 9

Sydney: in person event - AFCA’s new intranet and measuring the health of your intranet

Feb 16th

online: Live tour of BCD Travel’s global award winning intranet

Feb 20th

Auckland: community catch up in person

Mar 7th

Canberra: in person event with a live tour of Infrastructure’s new intranet

Last month

we welcomed 6 new members and had 10 membership renewals

from Australia and overseas in manufacturing, government and the private sector. It isn’t too late to join our

exclusive community of practice for in person and online events

, get in touch with

Rebecca Rodgers

our Community Manager for the

Step Two Forum







Step Two

At Step Two, we help organisations establish and sustain modern digital workplaces. We have deep-dive expertise in intranets, digital workplaces and digital employee experience.


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