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Hi Vivian

The intranet and digital workplace space can be a lonely one

, with few others in your organisation understanding what you're doing and what's really involved. This is why, more than 15 years ago we founded the

Step Two Forum

, the professional community just for folks like you. But what exactly is it in practice?

In a nutshell, the Step Two Forum is a

network of your peers, collaborating, learning and sharing both online and in person

. For an annual membership fee you get year-round access to regular events and a substantial library of best-practice presentations and intranet walkthroughs. Think of it as being like a bigger "virtual team", who complement the knowledge and skills you already have.

Interested? We've got

face-to-face meetings coming up in March for Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne

, plus a calendar of

online events

Ask for a guest pass

, and get first-hand experience of what makes the Forum so valuable.

Want to know more? Read on...

What does Full Membership get you?


The central element of full membership are the

in-person workshops that are held in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney

. These sessions are fully facilitated to deliver powerful insights and include topics like personalisation, stakeholder management and best practices for design of home pages.

Interest groups

Online interest groups, giving you a deep dive into key topics such as

intranets, SharePoint Online and digital employee experience

Ongoing support

dedicated Community Manager

to answer ongoing questions, connect you with your peers and link you to relevant resources.

What about Online Membership?

Online membership is designed for those who can't make it to the in-person sessions, and is

ideal for anyone located throughout the Asia-Pacific region

(and beyond!).

Special interest groups

The central element of online membership, they provide an opportunity for members to take a

deep-dive into areas that directly support their day-to-day work

. More than just online chat spaces, we harness the collective knowledge of the international Forum community to share ideas and experiences and find answers to your questions.

Online events

An engaging mix of

live tours, community catch-ups and specialist presentations

expose you to best practice and support your professional development.

Ongoing support

Just like Full Membership, you get a

dedicated Community Manager

to answer ongoing questions, connect you with your peers and link you to relevant resources.

We've just scratched the surface!

There's a lot more to both Full and Online membership of the Step Two Forum, including a library of previous presentations and live tours, access to the annual reports from the Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards and regular community catch-ups.

Explore the Forum further

, or jump in with a

guest pass

to upcoming online and in-person events.

We can't wait to have you join our community of lovely intranet and digital workplace practitioners :-)


Step Two Forum

is the professional community for intranet and digital workplace teams throughout Australia.

Refer to

members only site



and access resources. Any questions? rebecca@steptwo.com.au







Step Two


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