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Michael Williams

Editor of The Monthly

March 19, 2023


: Coal terminal south of Mackay, Queensland. © OZSHOTZ / Alamy Stock Photo

Some news stories are shrouded in the language of complexity. Specialist knowledge, niche detail, wilfully obtuse acronyms or terminology – those with vested interest avoid scrutiny by deliberately complicating the issue. And that’s where serious journalism and quality writing come in. It’s hard to think of an area more in need of straight talk and clear thinking than climate policies and the legislative moves towards net zero emissions. In the

March issue

of the magazine, former editor Nick Feik


the shell game around the carbon credits system and the safeguard mechanism. Reading it will help you understand before – inevitably – provoking rage, fear and despair in equal measure. Perfect for a Sunday!


Nick Feik on how carbon credits protect fossil-fuel interests


How we’re betting our climate future on a scam


: Jacinda Ardern leaves the New Zealand parliament for the last time as prime minister, January 25, 2023, Wellington, New Zealand. © Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images

Don Watson, noted scourge of doublespeak and the degradation of public language, turns his attentions to the role of decency in our political discourse and our political leadership. From Jacinda Ardern to robodebt, the examples of where it is present and where it is lacking – not to mention the wholesale failures of sympathy that we’ve started to accept as normal – make for fascinating reading.


Don Watson on the lack of sympathy in our politics


: Two illustrations by Jeffery Fisher

The Nation Reviewed pieces at the front of the magazine each issue are a masterclass in revelatory pen portraits drawn from the communities around us. This month, Anthony Ham explores a workshop for Indigenous trackers in the Northern Territory and Chloe Hooper takes a moment of breathing space in a new exhibit at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra.


Anthony Ham on Warlpiri elders teaching younger generations how to read Country


Chloe Hooper on the NMA’s new soundscape


: Image via Twitter / @OzKitsch

And, as ever, Rachel Withers’ insights in The Politics make sense of the chatter around AUKUS and some expensive speculative submarines, not least thanks to a handy

Das Boot

reference. Happy reading.

➅ R


Rachel Withers on the awkward questions on AUKUS for Labor and the press gallery

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